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Binomo is a fairly young and rapidly developing platform. A unique feature of this binary option is that it pays maximum attention to the comfort of each trader and trading conditions. But what is the difference between the new Binomo platform? What are the key features?

Platform Features

Broker Binomo appeared on the market in 2014. However, initially, the broker did not impress customers. The platform was equipped with standard software from SpotOption. This approach is often used in the field of binary options. Only such a solution is often called not the most reliable. That is why the broker decided to move on. As a result, tremendous work was done, thanks to which customers received all the necessary tools for technical analysis and a terminal with a good price schedule.

New platform - Binomo

The modern Binomo system has great development potential. The terminal is filled with a variety of useful tools and functions for successful trading.
One of the features of this binary option is the availability of a free demo account. To open it, no real financial investments are needed. Moreover, the use of such a tool allows us to understand the essence and features of the functioning of this site. To open a demo account, you do not need to register a real deposit.
What other features distinguish the latest version of Binomo? On its official website, which can be accessed through the binomial dot com, offers its brokers simple and understandable functionality. It will not be necessary to understand the presented tools for a long time. Registration on the site is also quick and easy.
All transaction parameters are located on the right side of the terminal. Here you can find the indicators:

  1. “Time”. In this part, traders are invited to choose the duration of expiration in the framework of the purchased contract.
  2. “Amount”. The indicated part of the terminal will allow the user to set the necessary cost for
    which it is planned to buy an option (it starts from $ 1);
  3. Buying options. Here the green and red buttons are responsible for this – Call and Put,
    respectively. That is, “Above” and “Below.”

Directly below these buttons is the “Majority opinion” indicator. This option demonstrates which of the binary options is currently in highest demand. This information is displayed as a percentage. But experts do not recommend relying on this criterion, since most of the traders who trade here may be mistaken. Therefore, it is optimal to independently analyze the situation and choose the best trading strategies.

Useful tools

What other information does the new Binomo platform provide? In the central and left part of the terminal, there is a price chart. Its image can be scaled if necessary. At the bottom of the left side, in the corner, there is an icon that allows the client to change the appearance of the chart. Nearby is the menu icon, which contains technical indicators.

New platform - Binomo

But this is far from all the tools that the platform provides to its users. The broker is gradually expanding the range of available tools. What algorithms are available to each client of this system?

Traders are offered:

  • alligator;
  • MACD;
  • moving average;
  • relative strength index;
  • Bollinger Wave.

But not only for this reason, but this system is also one of the best and first in the field of online trading. Among the many advantages, the opportunity to trade 7 days a week stands out. That is, brokers are allowed to work on weekends.

Assets available for work are located on the left side of the site. Immediately, a trader can find a switch turbo and classic options. Accordingly, this will allow you to adjust the amount of interest in assets and expiration options. At Binomo you can conclude transactions from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

But this time is available only for standard protocols. When choosing a turbo option or CFD, the time will already be different. But in such situations, there is a right of choice and adjustment.

Account options

Among other features of Binomo, located at binomo. com, it is worth highlighting 4 different types of account management:

  • standard;
  • GOLD;
  • demo;
  • VIP.

Each of them has its unique features and capabilities. Some traders prefer the demo. But what is such a deposit account? What is it convenient for? Such (kind of no deposit) versions will help beginners understand the essence and subtleties of working on a binary option. A demo account is a great tool for mastering a real account and training. Without depositing real cash into the account, the broker can check all the features of this platform. At the same time, it is possible to replenish virtual funds for $ 10000.

Another version of the account is the standard. With this approach, the trader gets the opportunity to purchase transactions from $ 1.With each deposit replenishment, he receives bonuses. It is possible to participate in tournaments and promotions, and the withdrawal of money for it occurs within 3 days from the moment of registration of the application in the personal account.

Another option is GOLD. What is the peculiarity of such an account? This option provides access to assets with guaranteed returns of up to 86%. Each time you replenish the account, the user receives increased bonuses. He can get insurance with the help of bonus funds. He can take part in paid and free tournaments. The broker receives a weekly cashback of real money up to 5%. When replenishing the account there are no restrictions, and the withdrawal of funds is accelerated to 24 hours.

The most profitable is a VIP account. At the disposal of a broker with such a deposit is a complete list of assets. When replenishing an account, he receives up to 100% of bonuses. Fixed return on assets reaches 87%. Withdrawal of profit occurs within 4 hours. Unique options are available to VIP customers, weekly cashback by real means reaches 10%, and analytical support is available online via Skype.

New platform - Binomo

Unique features of the site

What options are available to the trader? At Binomo, a broker gains access to:

  • paired options;
  • binary;
  • long term;
  • 60 seconds;
  • on touch.

At the same time, each type allows the client to level all price fluctuations most favourably and replenish his account with profit. Trading strategies that are integrated into the system notify the trader in advance.

Note! On Binomovery convenient and useful trading signals. 72 out of 100 are guaranteed to close in

The expiration dates on the site are quite convenient and flexible. They range from 1 minute to 12 months.
Among other unique features, it is worth noting the chance for owners of VIP and GOLD accounts to take advantage of 100% insurance for the first 5 transactions. That is, these customers can play the entire deposit without a shadow of a doubt. But in case of damage, the entire amount will be guaranteed to be covered, and you don’t need to worry about losing the deposit.
Also, many users choose the Binomo broker for the reason that you can get training right on the site. Lessons are given completely free of charge. Tips from successful traders, books, video tutorials are freely available. Also, the system provides players with PRO-level analytics every day. They are presented with forecasts and market reviews of the most popular assets. Security at the Hi-tech level and Non-stop trading mode are other advantages of this broker.
Also among the features and benefits of Binomo is reliability. Each year, the site is licensed by the Central Federal District Financial Market, and therefore is in demand among brokers and traders.

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