Tournaments on the Binomo trading platform: types and rules of engagement


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Nowadays, there are many opportunities to earn real money without leaving you home. While some people are developing their own blog or online boutique, others are actively developing the field of binary options trading. Binomo stands out among all the trading platforms. The company is quite young, but it has already won both the trust of thousands of users from all over the world and a lot of prestigious awards. Binomo offers its users a real chance to earn money by participating in tournaments. Developers are constantly coming up with new interesting events. Let’s tell you about what kind of tournaments you can find on this platform and how to take part in it.

What is a tournament on Binomo?

Binomo tournaments list
This is a competition which any registered user of the trading platform can participate in. The main requirement is the presence of a certain amount on the deposit account. The meaning of the competition is that the player must disperse the initial deposit to the maximum amount and collect the cash prize. There are usually several winning places, and bonuses are divided among the most successful traders according to the places in the standings.

There are two types of tournaments: free and paid ones.

How can you participate?

Before you start participating in the tournament, you must register on the trading platform. You can do this as follows:

  • Follow the link
  • Click the “Register” or “Try” button.
  • You will see a new dialogue box where you need to enter your personal data: email address, username, password, etc. In addition, you can register via social networks.
  • Select the account type: real or demo one.
  • Specify the currency you want to trade in: dollars or euros. Remember, this item cannot be changed after registration is completed.
  • Carefully read the terms of the “User agreement” and tick the appropriate box.

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.

If you are new to binary options trading, we recommend opening a demo account first. Immediately after registration, you will get $10000. With this amount of money, you can make your first transactions without loss and get acquainted with the work of the platform.

What types of tournaments you can find on Binomo

Binomo tournament schedule
You may find out about current tournaments on the official website of Binamo ( The tab is located on the left toolbar, and more detailed information is available in the “Information” section. You should carefully read the terms and requirements, select the appropriate tournament and click “Register”.

Daily Free

If you want to participate in a free tournament, you must have at least $10 in your account. You don’t have to use the money — you can withdraw it from the system back to your e-wallet or credit card when the competition is over.

Now all the tournaments on Binomo are conducted on a special tournament accounts. It opens automatically after you submit your application. The Daily Free tournament is no exception. The tournament lasts exactly 24 hours, after which the results are counted. The starting conditions for all players are the same. If you have spent all the money from the tournament account, you can make additional purchases with real money.

The amount of the prize fund depends on the total number of participants and the volume of their purchases. The winner is guaranteed to receive $300, and in general 60 people can get their prizes.

Such tournaments as Daily Free are the best option for increasing the level of professionalism and free training in binary options trading. Even though the rewards are small, the risks are still minimal.


The competition is held every week from Saturday to Sunday. You must pay $10 to participate. The total prize fund is $1,500 or more, depending on the number of players.

Grand Month

After submitting your application for participation in Grand Month, $20 will be debited from your deposit. The number of prizes here is 70, and the total prize fund reaches several thousand dollars. This tournament is one of the most popular on Binomo, as 6000-7000 traders from around the world take part in it.

3 Days

The cost of participation in this competition is 10 dollars. The program and rules are similar: you need to disperse your starting capital to the maximum amount. The more participants are registered in the tournament, the bigger the total prize fund will be. In any case, the amount of remuneration can not be less than 3000 dollars.

VIP Tet Viet

The tournament is relevant for those traders who have an account with VIP status. The cost of participation is impressive — 1000 dollars. However, the prize fund is solid — it starts from $7,000. The more participants, the greater the amount that the winners will collect.

Team tournaments are organized on Binamo as well — for example, you can take part in international tournaments.

Is it possible to win in the tournaments?

Binomo competition list
Tournaments on the Binomo trading platform are becoming increasingly popular, so the number of participants is growing exponentially. The chances of success are not so great, but you are still able to win. The main thing here is a high level of professionalism. And to get the prize, you need to study and train a lot. Beginners are encouraged to take part in free competitions. After improving your own skills, you can switch to commercial versions.

To get to the top and get the biggest winnings, you need to increase your initial deposit by at least 30 times. To achieve such a result in a fairly short period of time, a conventional trading strategy with classic money management is clearly not enough. Therefore, you will have to take a risk. Some users spend up to 50% of the funds on their deposit account during the tournament. However, the winnings can cover all losses. This is the main advantage of this binary options platform and its tournaments.

Binomo is a really fast-growing platform, which gives every user the chance to earn. If you have any questions about the platform’s functionality, you can always contact the support service via, and you will receive high-quality and detailed advice.

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  1. Vivericol

    I started to be interested in trading relatively recently, but I just learned that binomo also holds tournaments. When I get some time off I will definitely participate.

  2. Lio

    The best binomo tournament is the free daily tournament. But that’s just my opinion. You can make extra money without investing.

  3. Kira Jones

    I personally started my career as a trader with tournaments, a fairly easy-to-use tool to build up your account.

  4. Diera

    Of course those who have an account with VIP status on binomo are lucky, although I personally am not sure that I would dare to spend a thousand dollars to participate in a tournament.

  5. Deni

    I highly recommend registering for every daily tournament, first of all, on the binomo platform it is free, and secondly, it is a good way to increase your balance and work with large volumes.

  6. Alan Still

    I’ve known about brokerage companies for a long time, but I never understood how they work. But recently I figured out how to use binomo to make money. I opened a personal account on the website and started training. There is a lot of useful and necessary information for beginners there. So far I only trade on a demo account. Sometimes I participate in free tournaments to improve my trading skills. I pay special attention to controlling my emotions.

  7. Mark James

    Recently I decided to participate in a tournament on the binomo platform, and I even managed to win a prize, although the money was not very much, it was still nice, at least I managed to earn something.

  8. Jame

    There are many different opinions. It would be easier to just fund an account on Binomo with a small amount and then draw your own conclusions about the company.

  9. sarah

    What I especially like is free daily tournaments on Binomo. It takes no money to participate, and the prizes are actually quite good. If some say that this is not enough, well, don’t be so greedy! This competition is held every day.

  10. Genius

    I used to always participate in the daily tournaments on the binomo platform, it was a pretty good opportunity to increase your bank, without any extra investments or risk.