Transfer withdrawal of funds

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Simplicity and availability of earnings on binary options attract a lot of people on the Internet, regardless of their financial situation.  Many people are ready for the risk and serious investments, which are always present in the trader’s work.

At the same time risks are different – one variant when the negative circumstances of market volatility arise, and quite another – certain manipulations of the broker who blocks the withdrawal of funds.  This is quite a disturbing issue in many thematic forums, which is raised not only by beginners, but also by experienced traders.

Transfer withdrawal of funds

What you need to know about binary options

The principle of earnings on binary options is a bet with collateral for a limited period of time.  To do this, the current trader opens a deal on any asset, determines the time for closing this position, the amount of investment in it, and selects the direction of the price movement – for raising or falling.

You get your profit when the calculation is correct.  If the bet is not closed in accordance with your forecasts, make a new deal and act more competently.  This is a fairly simple scheme for earnings.

Varieties of Binomo deals

Through the work, traders use various strategies and choose their optimal variant for earnings.  This is not to say that there are bad and good strategies. Each of them gives a positive result under certain circumstances and proper use.  Traders can apply the following types of positions for the work:

  • Purchase of Call-option to raise the cost
  • Purchase of Put-option to reduce the price
  • Purchase of One-Touch at a selected price level
  • Purchase of No Touch – not reaching the selected price level
  • Turnover In-Out – when the price is kept within certain limits

Binary options can be compared to a roulette, with the difference that options can correctly predict the initial result.  This is not just a case of good fortune or luck, but a pattern and tendency with the correct use of strategies and knowledge.

Moments of criticism of binary options

Supporters and critics can be found in every area of ​​human life.  Binary options are no exception and have their opponents.

The absence of a government licensing program.  At the same time, there is the CROFR (specialized regulatory center), which monitors compliance with the rights and obligations of the company and its clients.

Transfer withdrawal of funds

The trading terminals are not advanced.  Many brokerage firms offer services not at the highest level of quality, various hangings in the terminals and other failures occur.  Therefore, it is better to use top platforms, where the quality is at the highest level.

Delays in withdrawals. This is quite an important point for every trader who works efficiently on the platform.  But at the same time they are faced with the problem of withdrawing earned funds. It is also important to choose a trusted broker.

We will touch upon the important topic of withdrawals from accounts of brokerage services using the example of the well-known and verified Binomo company, leading in the Russian-language segment.

 Registration on Binomo

In order to start earning on Binomo, you need to register on the platform.  You can find more detailed information in the article “Registration on Binomo”.

Registration in the company opens up opportunities for each user to really work with a demo account and gain knowledge of the basics of trading.  You can also use all the functions of the platform, replenish the deposit and make transactions with a real profit.

 Proof of identity

After registration, it is necessary to pass verification on the site to confirm identity.  This procedure is carried out at the request of regulatory authorities to comply with the rights and security of users.

Information about users during verification should correspond, namely:

  • Personal data of company clients
  • Geographical location of traders
  • Availability of data in a public register
  • The authenticity of the documents, their period of validity

It is necessary to adhere to certain rules in order to pass verification quickly and easily:

  • When registering, specify the real data
  • Real address of residence
  • Send clear, high-quality scans of documents
  • Keep track of the validity period of personal documents
  • Keep receipts and copies of all payments
  • Account replenishment and withdrawals of funds are made to the same details

We have discussed the topic of identity verification in more detail for the reason that most of the problems with the withdrawal of funds occur in connection with this – with the incorrect fulfillment of all verification conditions.

How to withdraw money from Binomo account

Transfer withdrawal of funds

If you’ve completed the registration and verification procedure correctly, then withdrawing money from Binomo will not be difficult for you.

You can use the following payment wallets to withdraw cash in Binomo:

  • Web Money wallet
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Bitcoin / Litecoin

In addition, we remind you that you can withdraw funds from the system to a similar wallet from which the replenishment was made.  If the replenishment was in dollars, then you need to withdraw the currency, the same applies to rubles.

Withdrawal Request

You can withdraw not only the earned profit in the company, but also your own funds, which were replenished to your personal account.  To do this, you must correctly fill out a request for withdrawal of profit.

Enter the “Cash register” window in the upper corner of the screen

  1. Then click on the link “Withdraw funds“
  2. A tab appears and you need to fill in the fields
  3. After filling, click “Send a request for withdrawal of funds”
  4. Finance comes to the preferred wallet

It is also necessary to analyze the fact of filling in the lines of the form in more detail:

  1. Fill in the necessary amount in the line “Amount of payments”
  2. Specify your payment card in the line “Method of withdrawal”
  3. Write the reason for the withdrawal of funds in the line “Comment”.  It’s just a formality for broker statistics.

In this article, we described the whole process of withdrawals from Binomo, as it turned out there is nothing difficult.  You can use any payment system that is convenient for you and in a few hours you can hold banknotes in your hands. Everything is easy and simple, and we wish you successful deals and great profit!

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