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Trading binary options is gaining more and more popularity. New trading platforms that offer favorable conditions for cooperation periodically appear on the market. In fact, it turns out that the prospects are not so rosy. Before you register on a particular platform, you should find out what network users think about it. The article provides a true analysis of reviews of Binomo company – a recognized leader in the field of binary options trading.

Some facts about Binomo

appen binomo reviews

This trading platform appeared on the binary options market in 2014. Currently, it managed to win the respect of thousands of users around the world. The company annually undergoes certification at the CFOR and has received a license. This means that customer money is reliably protected by the current legislation. Since the platform quickly gained wide popularity among online traders, you can find a lot of positive and negative reviews about it on the network..

Where can I find Binomo reviews?

Most dealing centers post reviews of their activities on their own official websites. Of course, they will be exclusively positive or neutral, so you should not pay attention to them. The best way to find true reviews about the Binomo trading platform is to visit thematic forums. Professional traders often visit such sites, so here you will find not only truthful comments, but also you will be able to find out some features of working on the site, profitable trading strategies and other useful “tricks”.

Short analysis of reviews about Binomo

We figured out where to find reviews about this binary broker. Next, you need to learn how to distinguish real comments from custom ones. The fact is that Binomo has a high rating and is a recognized leader in the binary options market. It is not surprising that the company has a lot of ill-wishers. They do not disdain the dirtiest methods. For example, order negative reviews. It is not difficult to identify such comments: they have a sufficiently large volume, identical text style and are perfect from a grammatical point of view. Such reviews are completely unfounded and not confirmed by real facts, so the authors should not comment on and trust them.

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Also, do not take comments left for the following reasons seriously:

  • Personal mistakes of a trader. Often negative comments about Binomo are left by former customers who could not or did not want to deal with the functionality of the site. They did not learn the necessary financial instruments, did not choose the right trading strategy, and as a result failed, having lost money. Of course, it’s easier to stick a “scam” label and blame the failure on the “imperfection” of the binary broker than on your own carelessness or irresponsibility.
  • Unwillingness to upload personal data to the site. Binomo carefully monitors security, so every user must pass the verification procedure. Otherwise, it will not be possible to withdraw money from the system to a bank card or electronic wallet. To do this, you need to upload a passport scan to your personal account. Some traders consider this a scam and are afraid that their personal data will be used for fraudulent purposes.
  • Technical issues. When Binomo began the global transformation of its platform, this was accompanied by some malfunctions in the system’s operation, including problems with the withdrawal of funds. Many former clients considered this a dishonest action by a binary broker and left negative feedback.
  • Account blocking. Many traders do not bother reading the “User Agreement”. As a result, they commit a violation of the rules adopted on the Binomo trading platform. For this, the broker has the right to block the user account without the ability to withdraw money from it. All this is prescribed in these conditions and is not fraud.
  • Exceeding the limit. The company’s official website has certain limits on the amounts that traders can display at a time. Not everyone pays attention to this item, and then they begin to accuse Binomo of fraud, because their application for withdrawal of funds was rejected. You can answer such a negative with one phrase: “Be careful!”.

appen binomo reviews
As for the positive reviews about Binomo, most often they are backed up by documents – screenshots and photos. This is the main sign of the veracity of comments.

In conclusion, we note that Binomo has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 for traders. This means that it enjoys the trust of users. The platform was created on an individual order and has many advantages over other dealing centers. Every customer can enjoy:

  • Beneficial trade conditions.
  • Wide range of financial tools for market analysis.
  • Free education.
  • Support service, available 24/7 at
  • Convenient applications for smartphones and tablets, operating on Android and iOS.
  • Tournaments, where they can earn money (paid and free).
  • Bonuses for replenishment of accounts, profitable promotions and offers, affiliate programs.

To start trading binary options, you need to register on the official website of the broker, which is located at This action will take just a couple of minutes.

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