Binomo Broker Review

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In recent years, online trading has become a very popular way to earn money. Its essence consists in trading on virtual financial markets (a striking example is Forex). Brokers (traders) conduct their business on special platforms on the Internet. And among the many such platforms stands out the Binomo broker. Among all existing trading platforms focused on online trading, Binomo is confidently holds in the top 3 best projects.

About the history of Binomo

The Binomo company appeared on the market in 2014. Throughout the entire period of its operation, the site, located at, is subject to obligatory certification by the CROFR every year. Among other features of the project it is worth noting the wide popularity of Binomo. This service is actively used by traders not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but all over the world. Today, the site is translated into more than 15 different languages.

The company also has the highest category of trust from the International Financial Commission.

binomo broker review

Key features of the system

What are the main features of the site? Why is it trusted by thousands of brokers around the world? In fact, one of Binomo features is the financial side. On this platform, the minimum amount of payments and deposits to a broker’s account is only $ 10. The service supports the most common international payment systems:

  • VISA;
  • WebMoney;
  • Qiwi;
  • Mastercard and others.

binomo review from traders

Cash withdrawals at Binomo are quick and easy. The main thing is to make an application, which even a novice broker can handle. By the way, you can open a demo account to explore the platform and get acquainted with all its tools. This approach can help to avoid complications and problems in the future.

What else are the features of this broker? In fact, this online trading platform allows you to trade with the support of contracts with expiration from 1 to 60 minutes. At the same time, the profitability of projects in the “Higher/Lower” format reaches 89%.

The players are immediately provided with a CFD. The validity period of this option (as well as its profit) is unlimited. For fundamental and technical market analysis, brokers are provided with all necessary instruments. The official website of Binomo has an application for smartphones and a functional web terminal, and the value of contracts starts from only 1 dollar.

Also, Binomo systematically carried out both free and paid tournaments. The broker is guaranteed to receive bonuses of up to 100% for Deposit replenishment. From time to time various promotions are held for users. Special offers for traders are being developed.

Among other features of Binomo, according to user’s feedbacks, excels the training and support of brokers. This platform has a customer support center, which operates 24 hours a day. Also there is:

  • Hotline number;
  • Online chat;
  • E-mail;
  • Skype chat;
  • Internal tickets.

Note! Requests from brokers with premium account status have a higher priority when processing an application.

The main advantages of Binomo

Today you can find a wide variety of binary options on the web. But not all of them have the same benefits as Binomo. The platform, which can be accessed via the link, has everything that is most important and necessary for successful trading.

The website of the Binomo option  has everything you need to trade:

  • support;
  • help with probabilities work;
  • all information is publicly available;
  • personal area where all monitoring tools are gathered to the maximum extent possible;
  • convenient trading platform.

You can use the brokerage service not only from a laptop or desktop computer, but also from a mobile phone. The author of the project offered users a reliable and convenient mobile application, which received many positive reviews in 2019.

Naming other advantages of this binary option, it is worth noting the variability of deposit replenishment. The platform supports more than 10 modern payment systems. It’s not just EPS wallets and online banking. Cryptocurrency is available for use, including ico, otn and other digital money, and SMS payments that can be made from a mobile account. So the platform offers the most comfortable and convenient conditions for depositing funds to brokers.

binomo broker review from traders

Another advantage of Binomo – certification. The platform is licensed by the Central Bank of Russia, which implies reliable regulation of financial relations. Therefore, the company provides long-term projects, and divorce for money is a priori impossible here. The organization is on the same level as CySEC.

For a small fee, traders get huge opportunities. Literally any beginner can get here. For novice brokers, the entry threshold is not too high: it is possible to overcome it.

Continues to review the platform, the company has diversity of contracts. Here you can find 3 types of deals:

  • CFD with “floating” profit, which depends on the difference in quotes;
  • Classic paired versions of “Higher/Lower”, which have a fixed profit for the duration of expiration from 10 minutes to 1 hour, and turbo-1-5 minutes.

Attention! At the same time, the real indicators of profitability of contracts of the classic type and turbo type reach 87%.

The tournaments deserve special attention. Thanks to them, Binomo gets a competitive advantage. The organization systematically organizes special contests among its brokers. The goal of this match strategy is to get the maximum trading result or money turnover. Project advisors like to comment on the prize Fund, which is a great motivator for reaching new heights. In paid tournaments, it reaches up to 100 thousand dollars, and in free tournaments – up to $300.

Reviews of Binomo broker

Reviews of this binary option are often found on the web. But not everyone is delighted with this useful platform for earning money on the Internet. However, this is easily explained. The reason for this is the usual human factor. If the broker has little experience, he does not know how to “read” the indicators and use the provided tools, and without a shadow of doubt evaluates platform as “bad” and writes a negative review. After all, such a trader associates the loss of opportunities or the loss of funds not with his own mistakes, but with the imperfection of the platform. After all, even the world’s FC and FSC regulators cannot guarantee 100% success.

If we rely on positive reviews, then their meaning is that you learn, train and everything will work out!

For a wider view of Binomo, watch a video review of this broker:

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Fred Smith
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My name is Fred Smith. I graduated from the University College London UCL, and I have been trading on stock markets, binary options, and Forex for more than 10 years.
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Comments: 16
  1. Avatar

    We can say that in this office, adequacy is the norm of life. Technical support will always solve the problem intelligently and without any vagaries of anything, the platform never cracks and works very fast, transactions open with lightning speed, and you need to see the functionality yourself … In short, I am satisfied with the broker and advise beginners.

  2. Avatar

    Traders who view and test different ways of earning money are those who make money from this market, I do just that to make money on Binomo, on YouTube and in general on the Internet many excellent traders can teach to trade just like that.

  3. Avatar

    At first, I had doubts that it was possible to earn money in this market, but when I first went through training from Binomo, and then began to learn strategies from experienced traders, I began to manage to trade successfully and take profits.

  4. Avatar

    This is a high-quality platform for making money on binary options, I earn much more than I lose, although I admit that the market is very risky, and sometimes you have to consider losses.

  5. Avatar

    binomo review
    binomo review india

  6. Avatar

    binomo review

  7. Avatar

    Good evening. I have been reading reviews for a long time and I conclude for myself, all those who write a negative review simply did not trade with this broker or simply try to denigrate the broker for money. I have been trading for almost a year and I have not had any problems with the withdrawal, much less with verification. Dear traders, stop blowing dust in the eyes of people, this is the only broker who still pays and I have passed all the checks, although many others have been covered in the territory of the Russian Federation.

  8. Avatar
    Mr Bean

    Everything is decided by your training. Under the terms of real trading, Binomo at the level of companies of its class, let’s say so. There are practically no differences. They come down to some nuances of bonus-competitive programs. No more. The platform is good, I have never heard of cases of outright fraud (custom reviews and tantrums of those who crawled without training do not count). Those who work seriously feel very good here. The terminal works clearly without failures and brakes. Transactions are processed without errors. There are some little things, of course, in terms of inconvenience, but you can easily put up with this. My overall rating is four plus.

  9. Avatar

    And it is really interesting to trade on Binomo, especially when your trading day starts with profitable trades. Besides, it’s easy to trade on Binomo and you can mess with the demo account at first to gain some experience.

  10. Avatar

    Of course, I’m happy trading on Binomo. Sure, at first I didn’t make money and even lost some, but draining practice on a demo account helped me come out on top.

  11. Avatar

    With Binomo, everything is fair, they allow you to trade profitably. I mean if you know how to trade, of course. They also let you withdraw money.

  12. Avatar

    Throughout the 3 years that I’ve been trading on Binomo, I’ve never had a problem withdrawing or depositing funds. Only once did the website glitch, and my money disappeared from the account for some reason. I contacted support, and they answered within a few minutes and restored my balance. They also were sorry for this failure. Nothing big, but it’s nice when clients are respected. So, I will continue to work with them in the future.

  13. Avatar

    I completely agree that trading is increasingly popular as time goes by. Binomo is one of the best options out there in this area.

  14. Avatar

    I want to point out that Binomo has very good developers. They thought of everything so that it would be easy for the client to deal with both registration and opening an account and the site itself. Difficulties might arise only during identity verification and only if you provide poor-quality photos.

  15. Avatar

    It’s great that there are so many reviews and feedback about Binomo online. They helped me to adopt a few useful strategies for myself, and I still use them. At first it all seemed to me very difficult and hard to figure out. But the key thing here is to grasp it, and then trading will only be a pleasure. Sure, there were also tough days when my deposit could go down. But it was my fault as I was in a hurry. Close your trades only when you are confident. And when the market is calmer. This greatly boosts your chances to make a profit.

  16. Avatar

    The 21st century makes it possible to enter this business with minimal investment. I’ve increased my deposit on Binomo sixfold in six months!

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