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The professional terminal for trading Binomo is one of the most popular platforms for this type of earnings on the Internet. The platform is suitable not only for professional players but also for beginners in this field. But how to play Binomo to get real profit? What you need to know and consider? We will talk about the most important points and trading strategies.

Why you should play on Binomo

how to play binomo
Before moving on to trading on this binary option, you should understand why it is recommended to choose this site. Some of the main features and advantages of this broker, as per actual customer reviews are:

  • the presence of an indicator of the mood of traders;
  • the most accurate market quotes of underlying assets;
  • quick cash withdrawal;
  • various deposit and withdrawal options;
  • permanent promotions, great deals;
  • regular tournaments for a fee and without investment.

Also, Binomo customers can receive training for free. Each trader is offered several lessons and videos that describe the most profitable strategies and ways to earn money on Binomo.

Another advantage of the system is high profitability. This indicator on the site reaches 87% for options. As for the stock assets of the day type on Binomo, their profitability reaches 90%.

Among other features and advantages of the site, it is worth noting there are the most complete set of tools for a comfortable work. After registration, each trader will have access to a professional selection of technical indicators. Thanks to this, the user can apply a variety of methods in the game, which differ in profitability and complexity.

Another advantage of Binomo is the organization of tournaments. The site regularly hosts competitions among participants, including the owners of demo accounts. It is noteworthy that without real investment, these customers can win real money.

Binomo also has minimum trading conditions. To start the game, you need only 10 dollars. Such capital is enough to start. At the same time, the minimum bet amount is only 1 dollar. This approach allows Binomo customers to apply a variety of ratios according to the rules of money management,thereby avoiding losses. Also, the company’s website has all the professional analytics, which favourably distinguishes this service from other binary options.

Note! This feature of the system makes it possible to start a game on Binomo with minimal investment but allows you to get the maximum profit.

How to play Binomo correctly

Most newcomers who come to Binomo hope to catch a sudden profit. Many of them act randomly. But what is the correct way to make money on Binomo?

Compliance with the rules of money management

The proposed guidance will allow both beginners and experienced traders to successfully trade in the foreign exchange market, including Forex. So, to make money on Binomo, a user registered on the official website will need to follow a few rules. First, you need to learn how to play without emotion. Do not despair after losing and enter the market without preliminary calculations. This will lead to failure because as a result of such a game, users usually increase the amount of the contract thoughtlessly  and make losses. Novice traders need to control emotions.

Note! If there are losses after losses, it is better to simply stop trading and carefully analyze your activities.

The second important rule of successful trading in the framework of money management is a competent investment. At least initially, it is recommended to give a maximum of 3% of the total balance on the deposit account for the option, but it is optimal to stay at 1%. This will allow those players who came to this area without special knowledge and skills to gain insight into the process. Of course, this approach will not allow you to earn a lot or quickly either. But this technique will ensure the safety of a good portion of the balance of the trader.

It is equally important to determine the correct level of maximum losses and income. At the same time, one should not forget: the drawdown of capital in this area is natural, since the market is in a chaotic state, and it is impossible to predict anything with certainty. But to manage their accounts, the pros recommend fixing the level of maximum profit and the size of the largest losses, i.e. all at max.

Another Money Management rule is to limit the number of transactions. For funds to remain on the balance sheet, it’s worthwhile to determine in advance the amount of opening contracts on a given day. Even with a loss-making approach, it is forbidden to exceed the specified limit. Even though all these rules are quite simple, it is quite difficult for novice Binomo players to follow them, especially when emotions come into play.

Earnings without investment

binomo guide
Many users who appeared on the site of this operator are interested in making money without real investments. In this article, we will explain how this can be done.

The easiest way is to increase your Binomo account without depositing money by participating in tournaments on a demo account. However, it should be borne in mind that a lot of users take part in such competitions. But you don’t have to worry too much about this if you have managed to study the interface of the site well and know how FC and FSC work. The fact is that in such competitions, as a rule, users who take part focus on simple entertainment or a freebie. When playing in a tournament, they do not use certain strategies and rules but act at random.

Another option for making a profit on Binomo without investments is to receive a no deposit bonus. But it is worth considering that this is a rather rare phenomenon on this site. It is also important to understand: all bonuses on Binomo require working out, and the conditions are not always simple.

Earnings in tournaments

A good opportunity to play successfully in Binomo is to participate in tournaments that are held on the site regularly. For better results, traders from the broker are presented with a reward. Often it is so high that it allows you to top up your account.

But how to play tournaments on Binomo? There is nothing complicated for the investor in this. On the broker’s official website, each user can find the current list of current tournaments. From the entire list, you will need to choose the appropriate option.

Attention! On Binomo, you can simultaneously participate in several tournaments.

There are several types of contests on this platform, but they are all divided into paid and free. Accordingly, the size of the possible earnings depends on this criterion in many respects. If you have just entered the binary options trading industry, it is recommended that you stop at the competition without any investments. Professionals can try their luck in paid matches.
instruction how to play on the binomo platform
There are several types of tournaments:

  • WeekEnd;
  • Chip trade;
  • Fast money;
  • Daily Free;
  • Week;
  • 3 Days;
  • Deuce;
  • VIP Exclusive;
  • Fortnight.

Daily Free type is intended for those who master demo accounts.There are quite simple conditions – you will need to open transactions on a test site. The total fund of the competition is 300 dollars which it shares among the best players. At the same time, the winning money is real, and they can be put to trade on the website or withdrawn to your account (the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10).

Having decided to take part in the competition, it is important to understand that each particular tournament has its rules. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study all the footnotes that are in the conditions. If the rules are not followed, there is a high probability of encountering an account block scenario on Binomo.

Here are just a few ways to successfully play on the Binomo broker without using Crypto IDX or other assets that require special training, certain knowledge and skills from the trader. You can understand what money management is from the video:

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My name is Fred Smith. I graduated from the University College London UCL, and I have been trading on stock markets, binary options, and Forex for more than 10 years.
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  1. Avatar

    how to use binomo and how to go through binomo education?

    1. Avatar
      Binomo Official

      Hello, Ben! You can start by visiting our website at
      There you can find the tutorial video and strategies that you can use to start your own trade.
      Use the demo account to start learning the trading on our platform.
      Star trading with the real account after you deposit some funds and feel ready to trade with the knowledge you’ve learned from the website.

      Best regards.

  2. Avatar

    It’s never taken more than two days for me to get a withdrawal from binomo. And it’s very fast. There are platforms that take 2 weeks or more.

  3. Avatar

    You open a demo account, practice for a week or two or three, well, until you reach consistent profit, and that’s it – go for it:)

  4. Avatar

    I spent a lot of time choosing a strategy before I made my first bet with real money, but now binomo brings me a stable income.

  5. Avatar
    Lenard Mills

    It is very nice that there is a lot of training material on the binomo platform, but isn’t really for experienced traders, but for beginners it could be quite useful for familiarizing themselves.

  6. Avatar

    I understand economics a little and how the market works. Therefore, I had no problems with learning how to trade on binomo. A couple of videos and a few instructions and I am already practicing with small bets. The main thing is not to rush.

  7. Avatar

    I’m new to the world of trading and I’ve only recently learned what binomo is. I registered on the binomo website and am now studying the training section on the site. I’m trading on a demo account, testing out different strategies. After some practice I will switch to a real account.

  8. Avatar
    Howard Freeman

    The binomo trading terminal is perfect for both beginners and experienced traders. I highly recommend it!

  9. Avatar

    What does it mean to play binomo? It is a trading platform, you have to sweat and work hard on it. As you gain experience, you can trade well and have a steady income. I have been trying for two years, it doesn’t always work out, but I’m getting experience.

  10. Avatar

    I advise you to trade for some time on a demo account to practice your strategy. I mean your own one, other people’s strategies should be treated with caution.

  11. Avatar

    I quickly came to grips with the Binomo platform, found all the indicators I needed right away. Besides, I’m grateful to Binomo developers for allowing the Binomo platform to be tested on a demo account.

  12. Avatar

    I have three main strategies that I use when trading on Binomo. All the strategies are profitable. I use technical analysis by itself and the volume indicator. I almost never use moving averages, since in my opinion trading with moving averages no longer works in modern trading.

  13. Avatar

    Binomo is a rather good school for beginner investors. Here you are able to practice on a demo account with a balance of USD 1 000. I gained tremendous experience and acquired good self-control, without which it is hard to become a good trader.

  14. Avatar

    Good capital management is the key to success, not only on binomo but in general in any field where finance is involved, from investing to business.

  15. Avatar

    They made registration and use of Binomo as simple as possible. Even a beginner in this business will sort it out.

  16. Avatar

    For any even the lowest risk trades, whether it is on binomo or not, the main thing is to observe bankroll management; otherwise, in any case, there is a good chance you’ll lose all your money.

  17. Avatar

    Binomo is an honest company, proven over three years of trading experience. Withdrawals always come on time.

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