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There are different ways of getting extra income, and online trading is one of the most popular. It does not matter if you are an amateur or professional trader. Binomo is always there when you need help in online trading. You can learn how to trade with the help of free training materials (sections Strategies, Help Center, Glossary of Terms). And when you are ready to trade with real funds, withdrawing additional income is not difficult. There are many payment systems that you can use for withdrawal.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

binomo withdrawal

Binomo offers four different account types to its customers. A demo account is the only free account, and it was created for beginners to understand how to trade on Binomo. It can also be used for training purposes. However, if you want to earn extra income, firstly, you have to fund a minimum deposit 10$.

Indeed, Binomo withdrawal conditions are pretty reasonable, and withdrawal methods are various. But first, let’s learn how to deposit funds:

  1. Register on Binomo if you don’t have an account.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Click on the yellow “Deposit” button at the top-right corner.
  4. Choose a payment method such as a bank card or a digital wallet.
  5. Select the deposit amount.
  6. Enter your bonus code if you have one.

Follow the steps above to deposit your Binomo account without any problem. 

Note! If there is any problem regarding lodgement, please get in contact with Binomo support at support@binomo.com.

There are different withdrawal methods on Binomo, ranging from local bank cards to e-wallets. Withdrawal methods can be changed due to the country. Binomo created a list of recommended withdrawal methods for its users. You can check the best withdrawal method for South Africa on the link

Besides the withdrawal methods that Binomo recommends, there are some others, and you can choose the one which suits you most. Bank transfer (Capitec, FNB) is some favorite withdrawal methods of South African traders.

The minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount on Binomo is $10 or €10 or local currency, depending on what currency you choose during the registration process and what country you reside in. For example, in South Africa, the minimum deposit amount is 10 USD/10 EUR/140 ZAR.

How to withdraw funds from Binomo?

withdrawal binomo

You must be wondering how to withdraw funds from Binomo after correct forecasts and earning extra income. Binomo withdrawal process is comfortable. To withdraw your funds:

  1. Log into your Binomo account.
  2. Go to “Cashier.” (If you are using a mobile app, click on the “balance” button.)
  3. Click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab.
  4. Define the payout amount.
  5. Define the withdrawal method.
  6. Write a short comment about your withdrawal purpose (optional.)
  7. Click on the yellow “Request Withdrawal” button.

Note! Be sure that you selected the same payment method as you used to fund the deposit.

Minimum withdrawal and limit on Binomo

The minimum withdrawal amount on Binomo is $10 or €10, depending on your account’s currency. The minimum amount also can be changed due to your country. You can find the Binomo withdrawal limits below:

  • Daily Binomo withdrawal amount is a maximum of $3000 or an equivalent amount depending on the account currency and/or country. 
  • Weekly Binomo withdrawal amount is a maximum of $10.000 or an equivalent amount depending on the account currency and/or country. 
  • Monthly Binomo withdrawal amount is a maximum of $40.000 or an equivalent amount depending on the account currency and/or country. 

However, the withdrawal amounts and limits can be changed due to the payment method a client prefers. You can contact Binomo support for your further inquiries concerning Binomo minimum withdrawal and funds withdrawal in general.

Note! Please keep in mind that the withdrawal limit can also be changed due to your preferred payment method. For example, if you are using a local bank account, be sure that you know the bank account’s limits.

Withdrawal time

binomo withdrawal time

Withdrawal funds from Binomo is relatively quick. The account you have plays an active role in determining how long you should wait for the withdrawal to reach your bank account.

Standard Account — The withdrawal requests of Standard account owners usually are processed within 3 days.

Gold Account — The withdrawal requests of Gold account owners usually are processed within 24 hours.

VIP Account — The withdrawal requests of VIP account owners usually are processed within a few hours. 

The indicated time may vary depending on the payment method you use and maybe longer.

Policy & Conditions

To learn more about Binomo deposit and withdrawal, please read the Privacy Policy and the Client Agreement on the website. To protect your account from being blocked or restricted, please carefully read the given information. Binomo does everything in its power to make its clients happy and comfortable. The policies and conditions are also the assurance of the users’ safety. 


Binomo is an online trading platform that has been rendering service to its clients since 2014. Binomo is one of the reliable and secure online trading platforms. Depositing funds and withdrawal of extra income have never been so comfortable! Please keep in mind that this is trading, and as with any trade, there is a risk of the wrong forecast, and as a result, you risk losing some or all of your deposit. All your rights are guaranteed and insured by Binomo.

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