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If you are a person who spends time on the computer, you must have heard about Binomo, a great alternative to make extra income from home. Binomo is an online trading platform that serves all kinds of traders interested in earning additional revenue. What is even greater than that are the bonuses which are provided by the company! It makes online trading more delightful. Let’s learn what kind of Binomo bonuses are available and the Binomo bonus terms and conditions.

Note! You can think of it as a welcome gift! Once you register on the platform, you receive a 25% bonus for the first 30 minutes.

Binomo no-deposit bonuses

binomo no deposit bonus

There are different types of bonuses that Binomo provides. The first of them is Binomo no-deposit bonus. No-deposit bonuses can be given as a part of the promotion or offered to you by your personal account manager if you have a Gold or VIP account. Once you receive your gift, no deposit bonus, it will be activated in your account within three days. 

Note! Don’t forget that Binomo doesn’t let you use multiple bonus codes. There can be only one active bonus. 

Deposit bonuses

binomo deposit bonus

Let’s say you have learned to trade on Binomo, trained, and started to get additional income. Now, to make trade more interesting, you need an energizer. At this point, Binomo provides you with some bonuses when they redeposit their accounts. Depending on your account type, you can get different redeposit bonuses:

  • Standard Account owners can get up to %80 replenishment bonuses.
  • Gold Account owners can get up to %90 replenishment bonuses.
  • VIP Account owners can get up to %100 replenishment bonuses.



Was it a tough week for you because of the unfruitful trading? Don’t worry! Binomo offers cashback to boost the mood of the clients. The amount of cashback you receive is changeable depending on the case and the account type. For Gold accounts, Binomo recompenses up to 5% of your loss. For VIP account owners, the reimbursement is up to 10%.

Note! Cashback will not compensate for the loss of your potential extra income.

What’s essential in the cashback process is the amount of the deposit you lost during trading. For example, if you funded your account $500 on Monday but you withdrew $200 on Wednesday, Binomo doesn’t count in that $200 since you didn’t lose it while trading. But if you lost the rest of $300 while trading and your account’s total amount on Sunday is $0, let’s do some simple math to understand how much it will be the cashback: 

$500-$200= $300 (This is the amount you lost on trading. So you’ll receive a cashback).

  • If you have a Gold account, 5% of $300 will be compensated.
  • If you have a VIP account, 10% of $300 will be compensated.

VIP bonuses

VIP bonuses

Binomo VIP account offers more free deposit bonus than other accounts. It is the most advantageous account on the trading platform. This type of account provides up to 90% yielding opportunities and a chance to get up to 200% bonus for redeposit. Also, your VIP account manager can provide you with gifts and offer you extra bonuses!

How to correctly use bonuses

Do you have an active Binomo bonus coupon in your account, but you don’t know how to use it? Let’s clarify this for you. Binomo bonuses cannot be withdrawn from your account. You can only use them to increase your balance, and you are able to withdraw the funds you get with bonuses. In short, the bonuses are a booster to your deposit.

Additionally, there is a Mandatory Turnover that you have to fulfill to withdraw bonus funds, including bonuses from the Binomo coupon. There is no time limit to satisfy the turnover requirement. You can continue trading as usual. Please read the trading turnover article on Binomo website to understand it better: 

Terms & Conditions Binomo bonus

binomo bonus terms and conditions

First of all, you should know that Binomo isn’t obliged to provide bonuses to its customers. The company may offer some bonuses as a promotion for a while, but it is not the company’s obligation. To use your bonuses, you must meet some mandatory requirements. To find more about Binomo free bonus and Binomo bonus coupons, please carefully read the 8. article of the Client Agreement.

Please also note that bonuses will not insure you against losing your deposit. This risk can be mitigated by trading wisely and using your trading skills.

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