Why do South African traders choose Binomo? Trading platform overview


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South Africans are invariably intrigued with the fascinating world of trading. Since the inception of technology, online trading has become a source of additional income. Thus, it has amassed a good number of traders globally. Many trading platforms have taken advantage of this outstanding opportunity to build a reputable name. 

But Binomo in South Africa is one of the most reliable and well-known companies. There are numerous platforms that are available for you to explore and be able to make some extra income. That’s where Binomo trading comes in. It is a reliable, efficient and trusted online trading platform where you can enjoy extraordinary opportunities. What is Binomo investment and trade? To explain that, here’s a detailed Binomo review.

binomo là gì

What is Binomo in South Africa?

Binomo is a client-focused platform that renders outstanding possibilities in the financial market of online trading technologies. The brokerprovides high-quality services to its clients at the same standard as the European and American brokers. Binomo is on a world-class level as a trade platform that provides one of the biggest services and support, with lots of resources like charts and data, and educational tutorials. 

You can enjoy all the valuable terms and quick access Binomo in South Africa  offers. The company consistently works to satisfy its clients with the highest level of professionalism, trust and a reliable trading platform.

The Dolphin Corp company created Binomo and was registered of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Every service Binomo broker offers through the mobile app and the website trustworthy traders.

Binomo is a high-end trade that has a variety of financial assets. The company has some of the most helpful trading and investment terms on the market. They provide analytical services for practical trading, smooth access for all their traders, and a relevant resources section of free tutorials. 

Account Types

binomo account types

You can choose from different types of accounts that Binomo has for trading. They are Demo, Standard, Gold, and VIP accounts. More details about each type of account and their benefits can be found on the website: https://binomo.com/information/pricing. 

Free (Demo) Account

You get a virtual $10000 for demo trading on a free account, and it gets replenished when exhausted. As a demo or free account you can trade using a real chart while you learn about how the platform works. A Binomo Demo account is just for you to practice what you learn, the trading strategies and ideas before actual trading.

Certificate and Licensing 

binomo in south africa

Binomo has been part of the category “A” member of The Financial Commission since 2018. It shows you the reliability of the company and relationships transparency with traders. Binomo maintained the highest standards of trading honor when it was the audit by Verify My Trade, an independent service that gives certificates of the quality of trade execution. After the whole auditing, Binomo was awarded a certificate of quality of trades. This shows that Binomo is reputable in delivering high-quality trading service consistently as foremost.

Contact and support

Binomo has an excellent support team that is available to traders around the clock. Please contact them first if you have any problems by email support@binomo.com with the subject “Let’s figure it out”. Support will reply to you within 24 business hours of getting your email.


binomo trading strategy

You need Binomo trading strategies to trade like a pro. They are methods that are interconnected and strict for using tools such as lines, indicators, etc. You can use them to achieve correct forecasting to get extra income. The section with strategies is useful for both beginners and experienced traders. It is conveniently divided into sections: 

  • Beginner; 
  • Experienced;
  • Professional. 

And you can check one or another strategy for free on a demo account.


binomo tournament

Sign up for tournaments if you are interested, then you will be given access to trade on this type of account. However, trading only starts when the tournament does start. Also, there’s a special currency for tournaments, and it’s called tournament token with a symbol T. Binomo, as a trading platform, usually holds tournaments, and it’s accessible to all it’s users online to participate fully.

Note! There is also a free tournament available even for demo account holders.

How to close Binomo account 

If it happens that you want to block your account temporarily, it is something you can do on the page using your personal data via the website version of the Binomo platform:

  1. At the page bottom that opens, you need to check the “Block your account” box. 
  2. Then confirm this specific action by submitting the password from your personal details and the reason for locking it.
  3. On the screen that tells you your account has been blocked.

By the time you are ready to return, you can easily unblock the blocked account by reaching out to the support@binomo.com.

Binomo affiliate program

binomo affiliate

Binomo has an affiliate program BinPartner that you can join to get some extra income. Go to the link (https://binpartner.com/en) and register to become an affiliate. Binomo affiliate program gives you up to 70% of the revenue generated from every invited client. The payments are on a weekly basis and the commission is from Binomo directly. It has a 5% referral program with CPA/CFL available to use.


binomo help center

Education is crucial for trading. Never take chances with your funds or end up losing it by not taking tutorials before trading. It is a good thing that Binomo provided a wealth of educational resources already on its website. You can access all these educational resources and analytical data to help improve your analytical skills and forecasting. If you take all these instructions to fair use, you will be able to make correct forecasts and get additional income.


Binomo trading becomes fun when you get it right by learning and trading like an expert. You begin to enjoy great benefits like getting up to 90%profitability when you give an accurate forecast.

But if you give a wrong forecast from your trading chart analysis, you put yourself at risk of losing out of your funds. Bear this in mind as you begin your trading experience on Binomo. All investments have their risk, the same goes for Binomo investment.

Binomo FAQs

  1. How can I fund my account?​

Take these steps:

  • Visit the “Cashier” section (https://binomo.com/cashier);
  • Choose your preferred payment method;
  • Type in the amount to credit;
  • Click “Deposit”;
  • Follow the given instructions, as stated by the payment system.
  1. How can I take part in tournaments?

Click on the “Sign up” button to take part in the tournament account. Visit the tournament page and ensure you have funds in your real account equal to or greater than the signup minimum. You can also take part in a daily free tournament.

  1. How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Withdrawals from Binomo usually take from a few minutes to three days (sometimes longer). It depends on which account you have chosen and the payment system.

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