What is Binomo?

Wind71 asked 3 years ago
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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Binomo is a trading platform that allows you to earn on the rise and fall of exchange rates, stock prices, composites, and goods.
Constant updating and improvement of the platform is carried out after analyzing the interests of users. Such actions make trading easy and profitable, even for users who do not have special training.
The safety certification of a curbstone broker called Binomo provides control by an independent authority of the CROFR (Certificate RU 0395 AA V0132). Thanks to this, the company is a member of the regulator’s compensation fund. This fact excludes any risks of clients, and also provides protection of their rights, relying on the Russian legislation.     
Binomo is also a member of the International Finance Commission. This feature provides each client with high quality services, transparency of all transactions, as well as fair settlement of disputes.

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