What are bonus funds?

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Bonus funds are certain funds that have been credited to the account of a registered Binomo user. This type of cash is intended to increase trading potential. The amount of bonus funds is accrued when accounting for bonus programs and promotions on the Binomo platform.
There are several types of the bonus funds:
Welcome bonus accrued after the first recharge.

  • The standard bonus accrued after replenishing the balance.
  • Cash accrued after using the transaction insurance system.
  • Prize awarded after winning the competition.

Active offers from Binomo determine the type and number of bonuses. Assigning bonuses occurs within one business day, after performing a specific action for a bonus. The presence of bonus funds limits the withdrawal of money from the main account, before making a trade turnover. The timing of trade is determined from the moment of receipt of bonuses on the account. After crediting bonuses and using them, the account owner can make a profit, which will be available for withdrawal.
Receiving a no deposit bonus gives the right to withdraw the bonus and the main amount of money. In order to familiarize yourself with the rules for calculating bonuses, as well as their use, it is recommended to contact Binomo customer support.

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