How to withdraw funds from a trading account?

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Goodgame asked 3 years ago
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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

To withdraw funds, a registered user needs to use a bank card or electronic wallet, through which the account was replenished on the platform. Additional withdrawal methods can be found at www.binomo/payouts
The withdrawal limit is $ 10 or € 10. It is worth considering that for some countries the restriction on withdrawal of funds may vary. In order to find out more about the limit for withdrawing funds, you need to contact support service .
The holders of bank cards used to deposit funds to the trading account are provided with a service such as “Cancellation and Refund of Payment”. In order to carry out this operation, you must contact the support service .
In order to use the service “Cancellation and refund of payment”, the user must have enough money in the account and there must be no active bonuses.
It is worth considering the fact that when fraud is detected, Binomo reserves the right to independently execute a refund, without notifying the customer.

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