How to make a deal?

Groove asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Having chosen a certain type of trading, an account user can use such types of operations as:

  • “Standard”

In order to use this type of transaction, you must select an asset, indicate the amount for the transaction, the movement of the schedule, as well as the termination date for the transaction. If you specify the correct parameters , the account holder will receive the back invested amount, as well as income, depending on the percentage of payment for the asset.

  • Strike

Using the type of transaction called “Strike”, the account holder needs to choose an asset, determine the amount intended for the transaction, mark the movement schedule, set the strike price and indicate the completion dates for operations. The transaction is terminated after the time indicated by you has come. If the forecast is correct, the account owner receives the invested amount and the percentage of the payment on the asset. This type of operation is available only when using the mobile application.

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