Why the Binomo platform is the right choice for any trader


Each trader is free to choose the platform to earn extra income, but we are confident that Binomo is the best among them. With only $10, computer or mobile, and a few minutes of your time, you can start trading on the platform. In addition, the company provides high-level customer support to assist both new and experienced traders. In the following article, we will discuss everything about Binomo to prove it is your best choice.

What is Binomo?

Binomo is an online trading platform that helps individuals to get additional income by forecasting asset price movements. In simpler terms, you forecast whether an asset’s price will rise or fall, and if your forecast is correct, the extra income will be automatically credited to your account. The trading platform currently has over 800.000 active traders daily from more than 130 countries.

The broker has been the “A” category member of the Financial Commission since 2018. This independent dispute resolution organization, focused on financial markets, provides traders with compensation of up to 20,000 euros in case of a dispute with Binomo. Verify My Trade, another independent organization conducts a monthly audit and confirms the quality of trades made on the platform with a certificate.

Contacts and address

Binomo is a real company headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In case of urgent questions, you may contact managers by mail at support@binomo.com or by phone at +18499366003.

Note! You can find the company’s physical address and links to the social networks on the official website or in the Binomo app.

What is Binomo known for?

The trading platform is widely known for its rich selection of educational materials. Even if you have never traded before, Binomo will introduce you to the ins and outs of trading for free.

Firstly, you can access video tutorials and pop-up tips that will support you in the first steps. Secondly, the platform has a demo account with virtual capital, where you can test trading skills on real charts without risking your own funds.

Binomo also features uninterrupted access to the markets. You can trade on weekends and even at night.

Why the Binomo platform is the right choice for any trader

Customer service and the Help Center

As a reliable platform, Binomo keeps in constant contact with its users. You can write to managers via support@binomo.com at any time. The Binomo team is ready to answer in English and 12 other languages available on the platform. In addition, the Cody chatbot, available both on the website and the app, can quickly resolve your issue. It supports multiple languages, including English and Portuguese.

However, before writing to support, we recommend you study the Help Center. It is a treasure trove of helpful information about the Binomo platform and trading. There are hundreds of detailed answers to frequently asked questions from traders.

Benefits of Binomo

The platform has many advantages that make it the best choice for traders of any level:

  • Easy access

You can sign up for Binomo with just your email and password. Bank statements and other financial documentation are not required.

  • Lowest investment

If you want to start real trading, just make a minimum deposit of $10. The trade entry threshold is only $1.

  • Huge selection of assets

Binomo provides over 70 assets depending on your account type. For example, on a demo account, you can trade more than 30 assets, while over 45 are available on a Standard account.

  • Quick withdrawal

The withdrawal time can be three days or more. Withdrawal requests from VIP account holders are processed the fastest (up to 4 hours or more).

  • 24/7 customer support

The chatbot and the support team are available 24/7 to help you get comfortable on the platform.

  • Data security

Binomo is protected with SSL protocols to ensure that your private information and trading activity are secure and cannot be stolen.

Traders’ opinions on Binomo

On forums like Quora, you can find many positive reviews about the platform. A few of them are presented below.

Aamir Hussain: “After several years of its working, there is no question in anyone’s mind that this company is the only viable option for trading. The Binomo broker has certificates from several independent regulators. There are no issues with registrations or communication because customer assistance is available in multiple languages”.

Sandeep Sharma: “I use the completely safe and error-free Binomo app. I like that it features most of the assets that are available on the website. Plus, mobile trading does not require a high internet speed”.

Shekhar: “I’ve been utilizing Binomo for a while, and I’ve found it to be a fantastic platform for earning extra income. I advise everyone to at least give withdrawals a shot once. It’s a reliable company with round-the-clock customer assistance”.


Given the platform’s advantages, it becomes clear why there are so many positive reviews from users worldwide. Binomo is the right choice for traders of all levels. So why haven’t you started earning extra income yet? Join the trusted platform today.

However, remember that you can lose part or all of your investment if you forecast incorrectly. To reduce financial risks, learn and constantly improve your skills on a demo account.

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